The Craft Hub's Make and Take Club

The Craft Hub's Make and Take Club
After school craft club in Exeter for kids between 5 and 15

Friday, 20 January 2012

2012 and Knitty madness

Tom and his abstract finger knit

Olivia already a dab hand at knitting

Joseph concentrating sooo hard, he did brilliantly

Violet WOW you did great!

Intense concentration by Ella

Well, this week we taught the kids to knit with needles, only to find that some of them already new how to knit! The room was deathly quiet as the kids just got on with it and concentrated really hard to get the stitches right. Some, frustrated with the slowness of knitting just stopped and went back to good old finger knitting. A thoroughly enjoyable hour of knitting was had and whatever knitting the kids chose to do, it was perfect.

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