The Craft Hub's Make and Take Club

The Craft Hub's Make and Take Club
After school craft club in Exeter for kids between 5 and 15

Thursday, 10 November 2011

7th November - Make and Take our very first one!!

Well what a wonderful, wonderful start to our fantastic creative endeavours. Make and Take Club, held at the Hub on the Green in Exeters Cathedral Green was a real success. The kids were lovely, the building is full of atmosphere and the parents had the chance to sit and talk to each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

We learned about colours, starting with the primary colours and secondary colour mixes, each of us made a colour wheel using the primary and secondary colour mixes.

This is when the kids took over with their own artistic flair and produced some wonderfully creative work. It was fabulous and I cant wait for next week, FINGER KNITTING SNAKES, SCARVES AND NECKLACES.

What a cutie!

Joey one of our mums did this gorgeous bunny scene

Charlotte another mum, who is also a noted artist, wow!

The Artists with their work

Joe again

Joe Aged 7

India Age 7


Daniel Age 7

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