The Craft Hub's Make and Take Club

The Craft Hub's Make and Take Club
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Monday, 14 November 2011

Finger Knitting Good!

A finger knitty fest

Well done Lucy, colourful as ever!

Olivia listening intently

Daniel's green snake taking shape

Violet's pretty scarf

Knitty Snake having a ssssssip of Joey's lovely tea

Hello folks, we had a funky finger knitting fest! today at Make and Take. Whoa, I didnt realise how complicated it is to teach this really exciting skill to a bunch of eager make and takees. It is actually a really simple make, however getting your head around the cast on (start off) row was possibly the most complex bit. I have dug out the You Tube video embedded below, and noticed that she makes the beginning row far less complicated than I managed by just removing the tail completely and not knitting the pointing finger stitch on the first row. (Much easier!).

The kids were very satisfied, leaving with scarves, snakes, bangles and necklaces and all promising that they were going to do lots more at home. Hope next week our mums and dads have lots of news of how much finger knitting has been done. What have we started! eeek xx

The boys getting finger knitting fever!

Mmm someone's done this before

OOh I've got something stuck!

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