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The Craft Hub's Make and Take Club
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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Sewing Christmas Cards

The children's finished masterpieces

Ella completing her card with Christmas Wishes

Olivia's patchwork creation, lovely stuff

Team work around the old Singer sewing machine

India's Miffy the rabbit in her christmas dress

Joe's Christmas Shark (do... do, do... do, duh.duh...duh.duh)
Violet's rockin' robin
Eleanor's gingerbread man

Sharky sewing fun

Han and Pip's 'here's one a made earlier's

This week we taught the kids to sew christmas scenes then machine stitch them onto card using an old singer sewing machine. The children didnt have to be neat just as long as the bits were attached to each other and they had a go!

It was lovely, Hannah and I had done our 'here's one I made earlier' to give the kids a template of what could be done. We worried that they would just try and copy what we had done. We need'nt have worried.......

Violet made a lovely fabric robin, with little apple buttons lining the bottom of her work

Joseph made a Christmas Shark (of course), with a button eye.

Lots of the children chose to do Christmas trees, all totally different from the next.

Daniel (helped by mum) did a Snowman and Eleanor a gingerbread man. They are such a creative bunch, we were sew impressed! (groan)

The next thing was to sew these masterpieces onto card, to make the Christmas Card. I brought along my old handle turn singer sewing machine and we got to work machine sewing. The kids worked as a team, with one person turning the handle and the other making sure the the piece fed in to the machine in a (semi) straight line. It was really great fun.

Thanks to all your hard work Children. Han and I hope you're looking forward to next week's pom-pom snowballs, pom-pom take a long time to do, but are well worth it.

See you next week, love from the Craft Hub Make and Take gang

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